cropped-Business-Card-e1427224856835.jpgI have been a math teacher, computer teacher and music teacher for 40 years.  I was born to teach and love every minute of it. Am I really patient? YES!

Today, I enjoy helping anyone who feels like a bit of a technophobe! I was lucky enough to teach for the University of Hawaii in the 80s when personal computers were just starting to be available.  I remember when there were no mice, no WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get) and definitely no internet. Working for a university I was able to connect to the intranet which connected universities for the purpose of sharing their library resources and more.  Look how far we have come.

Many of you have found it impossible to perform “daily chores” without connecting to the internet these days. Keeping connected with kids, grand-kids and their daily life often requires a knowledge of Facebook, Texting, YouTube and much more.

If you feel overwhelmed and need help just keeping up with all of the technology, please call me and make an appointment. You may also email me:
LynnGudmundsen@gmail.comLynn Gudmundsen

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